If you have yeast infection or meningitis caused by fungi, Diflucan (fluconazole) could be suggested by your physician. Occasionally it is used for yeast infection avoidance in people at danger of creating them. Make certain you get in touch with you medical carrier about all the aspects of your therapy with Diflucan. Make sure to state any type of health care disorders you have, such as AIDS, heart problem, renal system condition, cancer cells, liver illness, or irregular heart beat, and also any various other health and wellness issues that you believe might be necessary when your dosage is being identified. You will should inform your medical professional if you are utilizing other medicines that might possibly communicate with Diflucan (for the list of potential interactions you will have to read through the label thoroughly or ask your healthcare service provider or your pharmacologist). Tell your doctor if you establish such substantial adverse effects as trouble breathing or swallowing, extreme fatigue, hives, itching, absence of electricity, pale stools, nausea, seizures, reduction of hunger, dark pee, breakout, and unusual blemishing or bleeding. Less substantial negative side effects may feature belly pain, adjustment in ability to taste meals, lightheadedness, heartburn, problem, and diarrhea.

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